Monday, February 6, 2017

Consciousness Alert: Focusing on FOR

We're moving right along in our collective awakening so I thought it was a good time to share a consciousness alert. I can feel palpable energy surge in the uprising Love Revolution and it feels like the grassroots of resistance is evolving and becoming a grounded force focusing on FOR. 

What does it mean to "focus on FOR"? It's very simple (although not necessarily easy!). It means deliberately setting our INTENTION to focus our ATTENTION on a positive creative vision. Eyes and heart wide open. Fiercely. 

Believing is seeing

What we struggle against (aka: resist) often creates a tighter grip. 
Rather than resist and get strangled in the tangle, think of a sprouting seed, a little tendril spiraling out from a newly cracked open shell, this root sinking in, using resistance to launch its own growth up through the soil; a persistent intention to move in response to what is drawing it up, up UP. 

Our conscious intention and how we decide to use it will determine what we grow. It requires being able to navigate the issues at hand, using them to move us forward without becoming ensnared by them. It requires maturity rather than petulance and it requires that we take each problem on one step at time, a practical assessment of what is while being led by a VISION of what we desire. 

The obstacle is the path

So what to do if you're feeling burned out? Here's a very simple exercise to reframe and focus on FOR: 
Breathe. Set an intention to be curious. Drop your shoulders. Acknowledge what sucks. Breathe again. Ask yourself why it sucks. Breathe again. Listen deeply because this is where you'll find the clues to what you are FOR instead of against (e.g.: against xenophobia = FOR inclusion and understanding). Let this guide you. Let it teach you about who you need to be, what you need to do to authentically embody your FOR. Every time you catch yourself in resistance, feeling blocked or burned out, use it like rocket fuel to launch yourself up; look it deep in the heart and ask yourself where you're focused- are you being drawn by what you are FOR or are you being sucked into a knife fight with what you're against.  After you've looked at what you *don't want*, recognize it for what it is, bless it with gratitude for showing you where to go next and then give your attention back to the highest vision of what you DO want and grow from there. 

We got this XO 

#persistinlove #livewithintention 


  1. You always say the right thing at the right time. A true inspiration! ♡☆♡

    1. Julie! We're in this together! Thank you so much for reading! 💜


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