Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Serpent is Calling...October 2009

Serpent Mound Retreat October 2009

Come for an enchanting weekend in the space of the Serpent Mound. Join us as we unlock more of the Mystery of the Serpent through Sacred Ceremony, Song and Creative Art. Be the Living Magick that you are as we activate deep memory and call Love further to the forefront of Life in this moment. Dissolve blocks in the supportive, safe and joyful care of Priestesses of the Goddess.

Purify through a Sweat Lodge Ceremony; allow the energy of the Ohio landscape to open your heart as it transforms itself during the season of release. Remember who you are as ancestral earth and star energy flows through private ceremony at the Serpent Mound. Attune to your heart’s voice and listen to it as it sings through your body. Reverently meet the nature spirits of the land and forge a deeper connection to your own playful spirit through hands on creative arts.

Ohio is the known as the Heartland; even the shape of the state resembles the image of the heart. The Serpent Mound in Southern Ohio is one of the oldest effigy mounds in the known world and holds many secrets. Sitting inside a crater from an ancient meteor explosion, the Serpent Mound lies on the same earth energy line that runs straight through England’s Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge and beyond.

Join me along with the magickal Terri “Sings With Ravens” Rivera, the mystical Kellianna, the wise Ross Hamilton and the extraordinary cuisine of Persephone & George from Raw Passion Bistro, as we gather in the inspiring forested Chalets of Woodland Altars and embark on a journey of ancient remembering and new found celebration!

The Serpent Is Calling

October 2nd - 4th, 2009

Woodland Altars

33200 State Route 41

Peebles, Ohio 45660

Join Terri Rivera, Kellianna, Valarie Endemann, and Ross Hamilton, author of

The Mystery of the Serpent Mound: In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods

for a sacred weekend of music, workshops, ceremony and celebration at beautiful

Woodland Altars in Peebles Ohio.

Friday night: we will open our circle with a ritual cleansing

through each of the elements. We'll get to know each other around a Community Potluck. Later that evening we will gather for a fireside concert with Terri Rivera and Kellianna.

Saturday: experience the power of making your own Spirit Doll with Valarie Endemann. Author Ross Hamilton will join us Saturday to talk about the Serpent Mound and it's mysteries, and then later that evening we will go to Serpent Mound for private evening ceremony. There is an optional sweat lodge following the Serpent Mound ceremony, led by Terri. Our fire circle and lodge are located on privately owned land adjacent to the Serpent Mound. This sacred land is a part of the ancient Serpent Mound complex, before there were borders and boundaries, and we are honored at having the opportunity to gather here and celebrate.

Sunday morning we will gather for our closing SpiritSong circle, led by Kellianna.

We will enjoy brunch together after closing ceremony, then it's time for packing up.

We are doing something different with the food this year. We will have great organic vegan/vegetarian food prepared for us. We would ask everyone to bring a dish to share at our Friday evening Community Potluck dinner.

Breakfast will be continental style, set up in each of the cabins, and we will enjoy Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch created by our amazing cooks.

Your presenters-

Terri Rivera :


Valarie Endemann:

Ross Hamilton:

Food by:Raw Passion Bistro

Early Bird Registration by September 14th $199.00. Includes food, lodging and materials fee.

After 9/14 - $225.00 We are limited to 25 participants, so reserve your spot now!!!!

You can register via snail mail by

sending your payment in check or money order form to:


P.O. Box 902

Wendell, MA 01379

contact phone number- 978-544-3116

Or, if you prefer to pay via PayPal, please e-mail Kellianna and she will issue an invoice and payment instructions.


In Service, Love & Magick,


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Arrives in the Western Hemisphere! June 21 at 1:45 am EST---

Solstice Blessings!! And the Wheel Turns On...Check out the video of our beloved Wisteria and the Summer Solstice Festival that we've been enjoying this past week...tune in to the energies of the sun's zenith and the height of your OWN light shining forth! For a sweet Gypsy Solstice Song go to
Always, In Love and Magick...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Holi-day for remembering...

Remembering today...the Peacekeepers, the Lightbearers and those that have walked their path of Service, in whatever form of story it may have been...Bless

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tonight is the night of Faery Delight....

Hello Priestesses, Holy Men and Makers of Magick...
Today is Beltane Eve, it sits in polar balance of October's Samhain, so the same energies apply, they are just directed differently. But the Veil is thin, the stars are out, Magick is Here. Join me in the Faery dance, Heart to Heart, clap your hands and say "I believe", tie ribbons to trees with prayers and wishes and blessings, sprinkle your one-of-a-kind Priest/ess-Love on the Mother, and hold the door-way open wide, washing it in your tears and rocking it with your laughter.

Beltane is a sensual and mischievious time. Whirl and Twirl and Dream Dream Dream. Enchant the whole damn world!!!! Make love like a maniac to all of Life. Let it in, Let it out. Weave the Maypole of generativity, fertilizing your best and most creative visions!

Real-ize the power of LIFE unfolding and embrace the gift...get in, jump in and throw your arms open to the wind yelling Y-E-S!!!!!! and play on purpose, with a madness that ignites your soul....
Take a branch symbolizing the Divine Masculine; dig a little hole in the ground symbolizing the Divine Feminine; crisscross your prayers into colored ribbon around the branch and insert the "pole in the hole" with gusto!!! I know it's a bit irreverant- but that doesn't mean it's not Sacred!!! Go to the Gypsy Wagon for a special little chant...I hope you are giggling a bit right now...and Celebrating the Celebration that you are. That WE are. Love. YOU.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day prayers of gratitude and healing!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holding on and letting go...

I love the word "Halleluiah" when Patty Griffin sings it in her song "Trapeze". I love the sound of our rattling old furnace and the crisp sun shining outside. I love the little bright green buds peeking out from our Lilac tree and find it especially sweet when tiny purple finches sit among the branches. I love that I'm going to see my nieces today and they'll be wearing their Easter dresses that make them look like little pixies...

...I love how through the simple act of writing I can touch emotions that are so raw they have no story. I love the feeling of rushing tides, the feeling of bittersweet loss, of wondering, wondering, wondering and remembering I'm glad I have memories...and secrets...

...There aren't many, but the secrets I do have are delicious and heartbreaking and probably what defines me the most. My secrets are at the core of my truth, my dreams, my desires and knowings. I love that I've experienced a loss that is ageless because it is never really lost . When I'm smiling that little smile set aside just for those moments of exquisite memory, I love knowing these secrets are mine and mine alone. I let them roll around in my heart space and I cry them out in my tears and I savour every juicy second. Every heartstopping, breathtaking, world-colliding, star-crossed second. I love that I love...

...I have endless moments of love in my life, and yet there are a very quiet few that had I not had my life would have been as dull as an old tin can. I am grateful, ceaselessly grateful for moments stolen from reason and rules and safety, when the Gypsy Soul rode free and my fingers traced what could have been along the skin of yesterday...knowing all the while there is no end, there is only now. And through a long tunnel of silence, I return, my reverie fading to distant shores and I come back to creaking floor boards and the sun that is still shining...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The best way to start is to begin it...

Yep, just begin. Jump into the swirling, twirling madness of this mortal coil and surrender to the flow. Ok. There. That's done. I can check "post my first blog" off my bucket list.
There really is no better time like the first days of Spring to breathe into New Beginnings, and so with this blessing I say YES to life, friendship, soul connections and a new step on the Spiral....

In Heart Magick and Gratitude.