Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tonight is the night of Faery Delight....

Hello Priestesses, Holy Men and Makers of Magick...
Today is Beltane Eve, it sits in polar balance of October's Samhain, so the same energies apply, they are just directed differently. But the Veil is thin, the stars are out, Magick is Here. Join me in the Faery dance, Heart to Heart, clap your hands and say "I believe", tie ribbons to trees with prayers and wishes and blessings, sprinkle your one-of-a-kind Priest/ess-Love on the Mother, and hold the door-way open wide, washing it in your tears and rocking it with your laughter.

Beltane is a sensual and mischievious time. Whirl and Twirl and Dream Dream Dream. Enchant the whole damn world!!!! Make love like a maniac to all of Life. Let it in, Let it out. Weave the Maypole of generativity, fertilizing your best and most creative visions!

Real-ize the power of LIFE unfolding and embrace the gift...get in, jump in and throw your arms open to the wind yelling Y-E-S!!!!!! and play on purpose, with a madness that ignites your soul....
Take a branch symbolizing the Divine Masculine; dig a little hole in the ground symbolizing the Divine Feminine; crisscross your prayers into colored ribbon around the branch and insert the "pole in the hole" with gusto!!! I know it's a bit irreverant- but that doesn't mean it's not Sacred!!! Go to the Gypsy Wagon for a special little chant...I hope you are giggling a bit right now...and Celebrating the Celebration that you are. That WE are. Love. YOU.


  1. I'll be sprinkling some extra faery food in the garden tonight... if I can sneak around undetected by the evil warlock that lives next door. Maybe I'll have a chance to leave some faery tea. Hmmm... have you got any spells to polish a tarnished heart?

    Keep up the mischief!
    H : )

  2. Oh My! Polishing Tarnished Hearts are my specialty!! I know I've got something in the Gyspy Wagon :)

    Maybe you could shapeshift into a fox? They are so clever at going about undetected! You are a LOVE! Have so much fun tonight and tell the Faerie Queen I said hello if you see her!

  3. Hi Valarie!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    I love reading your blog....your owrds are so enchanting!

    Enchanted Blessings,

  4. Hi Joyce! I so appreciate your visit and your kind words! From one enchanted sister to another!
    Have a Wonder-full day :)


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